welcome to lexington
welcome to lexington

Ariana Clark | 29 | Café Owner | Sophia Bush | TAKEN

I don’t want to hurt him anymore, I don’t want to take his life. I don’t want to be…a murder.


Iroquois Hills
1832 Navajo Dr.

Career Details

Owns and operates a local café and bookstore


Literature, cooking, the rain, adrenaline rushes, adventure


Contemporary art, mushrooms, lying, laziness, football

Are you reading any books right now? 

I’ve read every book in the Café, and have first dibs on the new shipments so I’m constantly reading and rereading anything I can get my hands on. Currently I’m working on Jane Austin.


Holden Jameson: fiance

Nathan Johnston: affair

Cameron Caulfield: friend

Reina Silverstein: dislikes


Ariana’s persona clearly portrays the rambunctious and free spirited attitude that the youngest child in a family would have. Her outgoing ways, and seamlessly attractive physical features, always seemed to attract people to be close to her, even at a young age, and carried on with her as she matured. Although she grew up with the advantage of having whatever her heart desired with the simple tear of her father’s pocket book, Ariana preferred working hard to get her achievements. She was the poster child of every parents’ dream daughter. A sweetheart and intelligent woman on the outside, while behind the scenes being as big of a wild child as her heart was. Adventure and the thrill of an adrenaline rush always seemed to replace the need of alcohol that most teenagers had at that age, but slowly and steadily she grew out of wanting to live the life of a rebel once she met the love of her life, Holden. He showed her the simpler side of life, and how settling down once the time was right was what life was all about. She still makes an impression with her bubbly personality, but takes greater care in how she presents herself to others.


From birth, one could say Ariana was privileged. She always had superior clothes than other girls in her grade, and showcased all the latest in technologies. But much to others’ surprise, she remained humble. Her sweetness in personality stunned those who’d get introduced to her after making presumptions constantly, but once they get closer to who she really is, the surprises keep flowing out. A cheerleading captain in high school, a grade A student in the classroom, and the angel daughter in her parents’ eye was the perfect cover for her inner rebel which only revealed itself to those she trusted. Adrenaline was always something that made her world go round, and gave her the thrill of a life time. No matter if it was as simple as sneaking home past curfew, or cliff diving, Ariana preferred the life of a carefree dare devil much more than the honest businessman her father was, or the trophy wife her mother appeared to be. 

But something happened to change once Ariana went into college. Something she hadn’t been introduced to while still practically a child at heart in her teenage years. Love. Ariana Clark, spirited wild child who always had the opportunity to date who she wanted, fell deep into the ocean of love, and quickly realized she didn’t wish to swim out. Holden Jameson caught her eye the first day of her freshman year, and the two quickly hit it off as friends. But Ariana knew she and him had something more growing between them. An attractive that was inevitable. She fell for his gentlemanly ways, and caring personality, as she did for his not minding her outgoing, and at times untameable, spirit. He encouraged it on a daily basis, and even tried to go along with whatever crazy idea popped into her mind. Gradually, without much realization, Ariana began to notice how much of an impact Holden had on her. Her extroverted ways began to simmer down, and she began to appreciate the simpler things in life. He showed her how living life on the edge was fun and games until you reached a certain age, then you had to settle down. And Ariana had herself believing that was what she wanted. Soon enough they were out of college and had their own jobs to support their average lives. But something felt missing. The thrill of life felt absent for Ariana, and one drunken night, she got that feeling back. It was late, and Ariana had some news to tell Holden so she went looking for him at his place, but only his roommate and best friend was there, Nathan Johnston. She had always considered the man a friend since she had met him, having a friendly relationship together. Because of that, she didn’t mind staying over for drinks while she was there with Nathan, Holden being out of town for the weekend. One drink led to five more, which caused their mindlessly casual conversations to take a heated turn, ending in Nathan expressing his normally suppressed feelings for Arianna and the night finishing off in the bedroom. It was an absolute rush, feeling the way they did when just recently, Holden had proposed to her. The adultery they did brought back that missing spark in her life, and Ariana wasn’t willing to let that go just now. So she continued seeing Nathan behind Holden’s back for weeks before the regret and horrid guilt set in. Now she just wishes it could’ve been taken back, but she knows she far too deep in, and loves Holden far too much to let him go.

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