welcome to lexington
welcome to lexington

Brant Neilsen | 28 | Professor | Ryan Reynolds | OPEN

I still don’t have the reason and you don’t have the time and it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a fuck about you


Iroquois Hills
1720 Apache Court 

Career Details

Teaches English at Westbury University


Reading, hiking, Sufjan Stevens, reading, writing


Being bothered, nuisances, winter season, flying, attention whores

Have you ever spent a night in the hospital? 

Yeah, when I got my appendix removed in ‘07.


Leo James: best friend, roommate

Celine Ross: ex-fiance, coworker

Cameron Caulfield: mild flirtation

Holden Jameson: friend


Brant is a very private and even somewhat secretive person. Even though he is generally well-rounded, he has always had a difficult time relating to others.  Brant is more of an observer, typically opting to sit back and watch others rather than be part of the excitement himself. Although, truthfully, he’d rather not be around people at all. Brant prefers to be alone with only his thoughts; this gives him the chance to pull his thoughts and feelings together. Being around others makes him feel pressured and anxious. Not that he is anti-social, per se, he simply doesn’t like having to keep up conversation with others. Brant is a loyal person to those that he is close to, but he would rather be his own person and exclude himself from conflicts. His need for privacy makes Brant maintain a very professional relationship with his students and coworkers. He is always calculating his next move ensure that whatever he does doesn’t draw unwanted attention.


Brant spent most of his life focused on getting into college, getting a job and maybe even marrying a nice woman with interests similar to his own. As a kid his father always told him that planning ahead was a good thing so that he would have something to look forward to and that would motivate him to try harder in life. As much as he wanted to do everything his parents wanted him to, do it was difficult because he seemed to have a difficult time fitting in with others. This made Brant that close himself off from most people. Over his lifetime, Brant has made very few friends and hasn’t truly ever opened up to any them. It wasn’t how he wanted to be and he was determined to change the way he was. High school was all somewhat of a blur for Brant since he spent most of his time keeping to himself, despite his desire to be different. It was eye-opening for him and he was about to make his college years were a bit better for himself. 

During his time in college, there was a short period in which he allowed his roommates to take him out to parties and did practically everything they told him to, including experimentation with drugs. It all seemed to be going great until he began to fall back into his quiet and calm way of living. Two years before graduating from college Brant met Celine Ross who caught his attention almost instantly. She was everything he wasn’t: loud, opinionated, and incredibly bold. Despite their glaring differences, Brant found himself drawn to her. Underneath the cruel facade, he found that she was a thriving intellectual. Also, she allowed him to see a softer side of her that the rest of the world didn’t get to see. For once in his life, he actually felt content and he credited it all to Celine. After three years together, he proposed. At first everything seemed to to be running smoothly. Then all hell broke lose. Celine became a complete bridezilla and it was impossible for them to even get along. The girl he had come to know and love was gone and nowhere in sight. Fearing that this was a look into the kind of life they would have if they went through with the wedding, he ended things. Rather than letting it be known that he was the one to call it off, they told everyone it was a mutual break up. However, it was far from it. Since then, Celine has refused to speak to him and, if they are in the same room together, she is quick to pick a fight. He wishes more than anything that they could go back to the way things were, but it seems they can’t. Brant went his own way once they were out of college but came back into each other’s lives when they both found themselves teaching at Westbury.

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