welcome to lexington
welcome to lexington

Caroline Bishop | 32 | Professor | Reese Witherspoon | OPEN

It’s coming down to nothing more than apathy. I’d rather run the other way than stay and see the smoke and who’s still standing when it clears


Iroquois Hills
1454 Cherokee Way

Career Details

Teaches English and Writing at Westbury University


Lazy days, journaling, Emily Dickens, traveling, picnics


Criticism, shopping, fried foods, cheaters, bitches

Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you? 

Yes. They lied.


Jackson Bishop: ex husband

Cameron Caulfield: sister

Nathan Johnston: close friend

Sofia Rossi: hates

Henry Brooks: student, is unaware of his feelings for her


Caroline personifies the eldest child stereotype. She is responsible, rigid, and the poster child for Type A personalities. Even as a young girl, Caroline was always that nagging mother figure who demanded nothing short of perfection. And it appears some things never change. She is still very much the girl who preaches responsibility and wise decision making. Everything about her life is planned, down to the minute, in meticulous detail. Her iphone and planner are the most important things in her life - without them, she’d surely be lost. Her sister, Cameron, is much more a free spirit than she is and often tries to get her sister to loosen up and live life without such a strict schedule. But Caroline has deep-seeded anxieties and the thought of throwing her ten year plan out the window for a life of spontaniety makes her want to vomit. 


Caroline has always taken her role as oldest daughter very seriously. After all, the young need supervision, guidance…even if her sister is only three years younger than her. Details, details. The eldest Caulfield has always been a planner. On every vacation since she can remember, she has been the one assigned to plan their itinerary; and should anyone decide they want to ignore the plan or spend a little while longer somewhere, they would face Caroline’s wrath. She takes precision very seriously and makes sure that everything she does is done with accuracy down to the very last minor detail. She doesn’t like surprises and she hates anything that is unpredictable. It’s why she’s always been somewhat wary of relationships. There is no way to plan them, no way to know for sure how the other person is going to act or what they will do. 

When she went away to college, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Caroline had always been studious and every day had allotted at least an hour to catch up on her reading. Reading and journaling had always been her one means of escape, the only time she didn’t feel pressured by the clock or preoccupied thinking about the droves of other things that needed to be done. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult at all for her to choose a career path - she wanted to teach English. So that’s what she did. She went to Westbury University, not far from where she grew up, and she began pursuing her career. With a lot of hard work and focus, she ended up graduating and going on to get Master’s degree - as according to her five-year plan, of course. She was quickly offered a job at the university where she had studied and was well on her way to meeting all of the goals she had set for herself. What she hadn’t counted on was falling in love. He was roguishly handsome and, unlike most men, seemed genuinely interested in her. All of her friends tried to warn her that he was bad news, a warning she would typically take very seriously, but he had already captured her under his spell. He was irresistibly charming and incredibly persuasive. Jackson Bishop was the one man who get could ever possibly make Caroline deviate from her well-laid plans. Marriage, however, was something that had never been in her life plan. Caroline was perfectly satisfied being single forever and fawning over perfect fictional men. Jackson, though, made her rethink that entirely. He had convinced her that maybe her plan could use an update…that included him. Only a year and a half after she met him, they were married. And for a while they were happy. But Caroline started noticing differences in him. Or perhaps it only seemed different now that they lived together. He was always evasive, mysterious, and she never really could tell what he was thinking. Then he started working late…nearly every night. She tried to convince herself she was just being paranoid, but she couldn’t overcome the feeling that something else was going. So one night she went to check on him…and found him with a student…horizontal on his desk. It was all she could take not to break down then and there. The one exception she’d made to her very set rigid lifeplan and it had been the worst mistake of her life. Immediately she filed for divorce only weeks before their second anniversary. Also, their friends refuse to choose sides because Jackson denies any wrongdoing. Then, to top it all off, Caroline has just received the most earth-shattering news: she’s pregnant. It has all threatened to send her over the edge. The only voice of sanity she has left is her little sister, who just arrived a few weeks ago.

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